Interactive Activities

  • Mechanical Shark

    Test your shark riding skills on our tame mechanical shark. Mounted within an themed ocean inflatable no helmets required.

    • Power Requirements: 2-110 15 amp circuits
    • Dimensions: 18’ L x 18’ W X 12’ T
    • Players: 1 Player
  • Miniature Golf – Let us bring the golf course to your next event. Whether indoors or outdoors your guests of all ages will enjoy our 9-hole miniature golf course. Adults and kids can test their putting skills on a variety of distinct and challenging miniature golf holes. Each hole is designed with colorful signage and obstacles that make it a fun activity for all!

    • Power Requirements: None
    • Dimensions: Vary upon number of holes used
    • Players: Up to 36 at a time, 4 per hole
  • NEW! Fireball Wrecking Ball Inflatable – Wow! Introducing a new theme and design to an old inflatable game. The Fireball
    Wrecking Ball
    is new but with all the excitement and challenge of the previous models.
    The game is played the same, 4 participants face off against one another attempting to
    grab the giant wrecking ball and hurl it at one of their opponents. The goal is to knock
    one of your opponents off their inflated pedestals. The last player standing is the

    • Power Requirements: 120 amp circuit
    • Dimensions: 24'L x 27'T x16'W
    • Players: 4
  • NEW! Volcano Leaps and Bounds – This volcano-themed obstacle course, 4 Ball Volcano Leaps and Bounds is unlike any other! Designed to attract participants from 7 years to adults. It has all the markings of a significant challenge and will entertain both participants and bystanders. This giant inflatable obstacle course features 4 large gray inflatable balls which participants must run or leap across from ball to ball to the opposite side. But don’t worry if you fall off, this inflatable has a ball pit protected by a Zero Shock landing mattress. Try not to fall into the molten lava!

    • Power Requirements: 220 amp
    • Dimensions: 39'L x 21'T x 12'W
  • NEW!! Street Curling RinkFun-Tastic Promotions is excited to introduce our new Street Curling Rink! If you have only watched Olympic Curling now you can experience first hand the skills and patience professional players must have to exceed at the sport. The Street Curling Rink uses iceless ice to create a crowd pleasing curling experience year round. Great for all ages and abilities, Street Curling is fun for all and ideal for any event or location! 

    • Dimensions: 28' Long x 9' Wide
  • Phantom’s Revenge Pirate Ship

    Mobile carnival ride offers 12 participants at a time with a total through put of approximately 150 – 200 per hour. Phantom’s Revenge glides up and down day or night. It is well lite with an array of LED lights that change color and make the pirate ship visible from a distance. The ride is 18 feet deep, 20 feet wide, and 18 feet tall.

  • Pro Football Place Kicker

    Kick the winning field goal with seconds left in the game. A memory every football place kicker dreams of every season.

    • Power Requirements: 1 -110 20 amp circuit
    • Dimensions: 18’L x 16” W x 22” T
    • Players: 1 Player
  • Rodeo Roper – Participants are saddled to our stationary black stallion as they attempt to rope a calf that is positioned to their right. Once the participants hit the right stirrup with their leg, the calf takes off running down a 15 foot track for the participant to rope. Once at the end of the track, the calf automatically returns to its starting position.

    • Power Requirements: 1 – 110 volt 20 amp circuit
    • Dimensions: 3’W x 13’L x 5’T
    • Players: One at a time
  • Shoot-N-Shower – Shoot-N-Shower is played one-on-one, or two-on-two. Once the attendant starts the timer, players have 20 seconds to shoot and score as many goals as possible. If you lose or tie you get wet! Water spray levels are adjustable . Great game especially during those long hot summer days!

    • Power Requirements: 2 – 110 volt 20 amp circuit, Water source within 50ft
    • Dimensions: 8' W x 33' L
    • Players: Up to four
  • Slip & Slide – Over 30 feet of the most exciting wet fun you can experience without being at a water park! We offer two versions of our inflatable Slip & Slide, duel or single, each version will certainly get your guests thoroughly wet.

    • Power Requirements: 1 – 110 volt 20 amp circuit
    • Dimensions: 8’W x 30’L x 8’T
    • Players: One at a time