• I highly recommend Fun-Tastic Promotions for making my non-profit organization’s annual event a huge success. They are professional and their casino tables and dealers are the very best. Our guests thoroughly enjoy the event and I have every intention on using their services for many years to come.


    Executive Director/Non-Profit Organization
  • I am a high school teacher and senior class sponsor. One of my responsibilities is to plan at least one if not two our senior class annual events. I have worked with Fun-Tastic Promotions for several years in the planning and coordinating of these programs. I just tell them what I need and they do all the rest. I have never had any second thoughts about using a different company, because they have always been easy to work with and provide the best results each time. A great company and I heartily recommend them to make your event special!


    High School Teacher/Senior Class Sponsor
  • Both Dennis & Chris Seeber have been responsible for executing a large internationally known manufacturing company family day picnic with 2000 to 3000 persons attending for over 20 years. They have weathered through two hurricanes, and 100’s of challenge. They and there staff have never failed my company nor my client!  Fun-Tastic Promotions always exceeds what is required and expected.  Additionally, they have supported my company for over 20 years with other events like casino programs, team building events, and several large corporate  arcade game rooms/programs. They are truly the very best in their industry everyone should use their company can’t go wrong!


    Owner/Event Planner
  • I was once asked “What do you think about Fun-Tastic Promotions?” It took me less than a minute to answer. The hard part was where do I begin? Fun-Tastic Promotions is a family business that cares about their client’s in providing the very best in event entertainment resources. But beyond Fun and being a fun company to work with. They are professional, dependable, and responsive to each and every need a client might have.  My non-profit organization created a relationship with Fun-Tastic Promotions over 20 years ago and the relationship is as strong as ever. Their attention to details and the overall professional of their staff and how they conduct themselves is what we truly appreciate. Fun-Tastic Promotions has been an intricate part of our events and a main reason why our program is so successful.


    Executive Director/Non-Profit Organization