Photo Booth

Photo booths have a long tradition of being a favorite at any event! Today’s photo booths represent an era of interactivity never experienced before. Guests have a wide selection of digital interface platforms that enable them to share their photos on a variety of social media sites immediately after taking their photos.

Each of our photo booths are unique and different in their features, style and capabilities. Overall, each photo booth offers software programs that feature customizing and branding of each photo that is printed.

The newest photo booth to our inventory is the Air Graffiti Touch. Guests interact with each photo and select background settings that are loaded into our software and shown on a multi-touch 42 inch plasma screen. You activate the screen options with a touch of your finger. Participants are only limited by how creative they can be!

Our classic photo booth allows up to 4 individuals to pose for a photo at a time. The exterior monitor displays to everyone on the outside what is taking place on the inside of the booth…it’s just as entertaining on the outside of the booth as on the inside!

Pix Place is a standalone photo booth that provides guests with the opportunity to select from a wide variety of green screen backgrounds. Picture yourself on a beach, pirate ship, or in outer space; it’s your choice, along with many more options. Its unencumbered open kiosk style allows for a large group photo from full body lengths to waist-high to just printing photos of the participant's face.

Each photo booth comes with a full assortment of our costume props to help everyone’s true personality come alive!  Photo booths are perfect for almost any occasion: corporate events, company picnics, casino parties, reunions, bar & bat mitzvahs, weddings, trade shows, grand openings, fundraisers, and school or church functions.

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Photo booths have evolved a great deal in recent years.  One of the newest crazes is the very popular Ring Roamer.  Not a typical photo booth most photo booth enthusiasts are accustomed to seeing.  The Ring Roamer offers a great deal of flexibility with having our staff roam the event area taking on the spot photos with guests very randomly or the unit can be mounted on a fix base that guests can walk up to and take photos.   

In addition, one of the best features is the ease of sending photos to a variety of social media sites or emails right on the spot using our hot spot connection.  Photos are excellent quality and if you still want a photo strip printed the ring roamer allows that function to take place.  

If you are the host of the event, you will have the ability to retrieve the photos in a file folder sent to your email at the conclusion of the event.