Interactive Activities

  • Dual Slip 'n Slide – The Surf ‘n Slide allows kids and adults to have a blast sliding down 34 feet of slippery runway. Soaker hoses allow water to continually drip along the entire length of the runway for a break from the summer heat.

    • Power Requirements: 1 – 110 volt 20 amp circuit, Water source within 50ft
    • Dimensions: 10’W x 34’L x 9’T
    • Players: Two at a time
  • Dunk Tank – A favorite of all ages and groups. You can’t go wrong with a Dunk Tank!

    • Power Requirements: None, Water source within 50ft
    • Dimensions: 9’W x 6’L x 9’T
    • Players: One at a time
  • Fast Pitch Arena – How fast is your fast ball? Players pitch a baseball into an air inflated cage where a radar gun calculates their speed and displays it on a digital board.

    • Power Requirements: 2 – 110 volt 20 amp circuit
    • Dimensions: 12’W x 18’L x 13’T
    • Players: One at a time
  • Ferris Wheel Combo Unit

    Not just an ordinary bounce house. The Ferris Wheel Combo stands over 14 feet tall and includes bright colors and LED lighting that can be seen from some distance. This combo unit will make an impact at your next event. The combo is designed to children 7 years and younger. Kids will exit down a 9 foot slide.

    • Power Requirements: 1-110-15 amp
    • Dimensions: 30' L x 13' W x 14.5' T
    • Players: 5-6 Players
  • Fireball Wrecking Ball Inflatable – Wow! Introducing a new theme and design to an old inflatable game. The Fireball
    Wrecking Ball
    is new but with all the excitement and challenge of the previous models.
    The game is played the same, 4 participants face off against one another attempting to
    grab the giant wrecking ball and hurl it at one of their opponents. The goal is to knock
    one of your opponents off their inflated pedestals. The last player standing is the

    • Power Requirements: 120 amp circuit
    • Dimensions: 24'L x 27'T x16'W
    • Players: 4
  • Football Toss – Be a pro football player for the day and have fun with this awesome Football Toss! 

    • Power Requirements: 1-110-15 amp
    • Dimensions: 12' x 14' x 15'
    • Players: Up to 2
  • Gemstone Mining Company – Bring the wonder of prospecting for gems to your next event. Each participant is provided a bag of mining dirt that contains a mix of colorful rocks and gems. Once gems are found, participants make their way over to the tent-covered jewelry making station. There, the jewels are ready to be strung onto a necklace or bracelet.

    • Power Requirements: 1 – 110 volt 20 amp circuit, Water source within 50ft
    • Dimensions: 4.5’W x 12’L x 10’T
    • Players: Up to six
  • Giant Four to Win

    Two-player lawn game that is a favorite for any size event. Each player receives several colored disks to insert at the top of a row of openings. Each player is attempting to land four discs in a four in a row combination.  If a player gets more than four in a row by mistake, they forfeit the game to their opponent.  The game is reset if no one gains the four in row objective. The discs are emptied by moving the locking device at the bottom of the game.

    • Power Requirements: NA
    • Dimensions: 67in x 20in x 58 in
    • Players: 2
  • Giant Wiffle Ball

    Each player receives 2 wiffle balls and attempts to land their ball on the red spot to win a first place prize. To win a giant prize they must land on the red spot with both wiffle balls on two attempts.

    • Power Requirements: NA
    • Players: 4
  • Golf Driving Range – Participants have the opportunity to practice their drive in an inflatable golf cage. The radar gun will calculate the distance of your drive and display it on our large display board.

    • Power Requirements: 2 – 110 volt 20 amp circuit
    • Dimensions: 12’W x 15’L x 18’T
    • Players: One at a time