Water Wars: The Ultimate Summer Battle

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    Water Wars: The Ultimate Summer Battle

    Summer weather calls for the ultimate battle: Water Wars

    Fun-Tastic Promotions is a leading event entertainment company with over 27 year's experience supporting social, corporate, college/university, non-profit, and vacation bible camps throughout the Southeast. 

    Water Wars is a competitive water balloon game that allows competitors to place a water balloon in the attached launcher and then fire the water balloon at the opposing player/team! There are a few strategically placed slots and holes located above your opponent’s head making it possible for them to get sprinkled or sprayed. For those looking for an extra challenge, there is a target located on the top of the Water Wars enclosure. When this target is hit, your opponent’s water reservoir, located in front of the enclosure, saturates them. Beware though, retaliation can come quickly! Water Wars is the best combination of keeping cool and competition. This game is an excellent choice for any event attendee, including kids of all ages! 

    Call Fun-Tastic Promotions (770) 420-0624 to learn more about availability and to secure your event date!  Ask our experienced representatives to learn more about other water-oriented activities like our Dunk Tank, Beach Camper Slide, or our two-lane Slip N Slide. Your summer events will never be the same when you have Fun-Tastic Promotions provide the fun and excitement!