Electronic The Vault

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    Electronic The Vault

    Fun-Tastic Promotions brings another exciting and challenging arcade/carnival game. Electronic The Vault is an electronc game with spinning lights that travel around the surface of the game.  The operator of the game starts the game and the player using a handheld trigger attempts to unlock Electronic The Vault by cracking the secret code in just 30 seconds. Select one of four levels of difficulty.  Electronic The Vault is a challenge for any age! 

    Players using a handheld trigger, try to stop the orbiting white light in a red "locked zone". Players have to progress through 5 digits of the secret code to win and open Electronic The Vault. Not as easy as it might seems edpecially when you increase the level of diffculty!

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    The Vault is great for a trade show booth, or stand alone activity. The game is full of non-stop fun and excitement your players will come back over and over again in an attempt to find the secret code that opens Electronic The Vault.