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    Team Building

    Unleash Team Creativity with Fun-Tastic Promotions' Team Building Programs!

    Fun-Tastic Promotions offers a variety of Team Building Programs that won’t break the bank.

    Our Team Buildings Programs will fit within a 3-4 hour program and vary in size and scope.  Our most popular Team Building Program is the Ultimate Road Race. Suitable for groups of 45-50 on the minimum to 250-300 on the maximum size.  The Ultimate Road Race is a racing-themed event with each team designing, marketing, building, and racing a racecar they build from PVP pipe materials and accessories from scratch.  Each team is provided an identical kit to work with.


    Racecars will include a driver and pusher from members of each team.  Once the race beings each lap completed the pusher and driver must make a pit stop and change participants. The propulsion comes from the pusher who safely pushes the racecar around a racetrack.  The race is the most hilarious part of the entire program.  You will see well-organized and built racecars, and others somewhat less fortunate.  That’s where the duct tape supplied to each team comes in!


    This Team Building Program is required to be run indoors. Space is a critical component as individuals are grouped into teams with a pit area where all the components to be used in the build portion of the event are organized and on display.  The host of the event along with the music provides an exciting safe upbeat atmosphere. 


    Once the teams are organized a team captain will assign responsibilities to each team member and outline what their role will be.  Each team member is required to participate in one role or another. Teams will develop a theme, slogan, and team song (selections provided by the event host). A crucial component of the event is the marketing and presentation of the racecar they have built.  Teams will present their car in a 10-minute presentation on the value and benefits of their racecar versus the competition.  Each team is evaluated and rated on an ongoing basis throughout the event based on their enthusiasm, creativity, safety, and marketing presentation. You can win the actual race but not the event based on all the factors being considered.


    The Ultimate Road Race is an exciting and unique Team Building Program that brings out the very best in creativity and enthusiasm from all the participants.  An awards program takes place at the conclusion of the event with trophies and medals being provided by Fun-Tastic Promotions.  Other team-building programs include Ultimate Yacht Race, Sports Night, Scavenger Hunt, Mission Impossible Casino, several Game Show formats, and design, build, & play putt-putt golf.  


    When you are ready Fun-Tastic Promotions has qualified and experienced representatives that can answer your questions.  Visit our website at for additional photos of the Ultimate Road Race.  Call today at (770) 420-0624.