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Fetured Products
  • Ferris Wheel Combo Unit – Not just an ordinary bounce house. The Ferris Wheel Combo stands over 14 feet tall and includes bright colors and LED lighting that can be seen from some distance. This combo unit will make an impact at your next event. The combo is designed to children 7 years and younger. Kids will exit down a 9 foot slide.

    • Power Requirements: 1-110-15 amp
    • Dimensions: 30' L x 13' W x 14.5' T
    • Players: 5-6 Players
  • Giant Four to Win

    Two-player lawn game that is a favorite for any size event. Each player receives several colored disks to insert at the top of a row of openings. Each player is attempting to land four discs in a four in a row combination.  If a player gets more than four in a row by mistake, they forfeit the game to their opponent.  The game is reset if no one gains the four in row objective. The discs are emptied by moving the locking device at the bottom of the game.

    • Power Requirements: NA
    • Dimensions: 67in x 20in x 58 in
    • Players: 2
  • Giant Wiffle Ball

    Each player receives 2 wiffle balls and attempts to land their ball on the red spot to win a first place prize. To win a giant prize they must land on the red spot with both wiffle balls on two attempts.

    • Power Requirements: NA
    • Players: 4
  • Karaoke OKE Box – What kind of karaoke singer are you? Perfect karaoke system set-up for the most professional karaoke experience. High quality speakers, 2 wireless mic's and over 30,000 songs to test your talents!

    • Power Requirements: 1-110-15 amp
    • Players: 2 players
  • Lumber Jack Axe Toss – Bring on the Lumber Jack Axe throwing competition! This double unit allows up to four participants at a time. With realistic foam axes that are durable and safe, contestants will truly test their accuracy to gain the highest point total. Great activity for any age group at your next event.

    • Power Requirements: 2-110-20 amp Circuits
    • Dimensions: 21' L x 19' W x 12' T
    • Players: 4 Players
  • The Wheel

    Operator presses the handheld button to start the game. While the game is in the free spin mode, each participant lays their ticket on odd or even, or one of five colors, or a number ranging from 1 through 20. Once all the participants have completed their lay downs, the operator will press the handheld button a second time and the game is activated. The lights on the board start to spin around the numbers and colors on the board. The spinning of the lights will stop, and the winning number will be displayed on the board!

    • Power Requirements: 1-110 20 Amp
    • Dimensions: 37 x 17 x 38
  • Top Doc – Top Doc takes a classic board game and scales it up while adding a technology twist for greater appeal and improved game play. With Top Doc, the player's wand is an electromagnet. So, when the player touches the wand to a game piece, it automatically latches onto the wand and magnetizes. While carefully removing the piece, should contact be made with the cutout, the magnet automatically turns off and the piece drops. An audible beep is triggered along with a visual light, and the unit records the mistake on a large 3 inch LED display. Games are available in Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty levels, and can be easily changed by swapping out the game pieces.

    • Power Requirements: 1-110-15 amp
    • Players: 1