Team Building

We know that team building activities are critical in today's workforce. Companies are always on the prowl for better ways to develop trust and commitment amongst their staff. Fun-Tastic Promotions offers countless team building activities and events to enhance personal growth and strengthen communication skills!

Fun Team Building Activities

We know that team building activities are only as good as the level of engagement they yield. This is why our team events are fun. It is also why we spend as much time as we do to learn about each unique group. By the time the event rolls around, we’ll have all we need to make your event a big success. Clients have the option to choose from one of our past events or have us plan something new. Our programs can be simple and relaxing to very intense and physical. They are adaptable to your setting, group size, budget, and time frame.

With over 18 years of success, our team building planners will work side-by-side with you to make a unique plan and build it around your needs. All of our plans are comprehensive by design and will be tailored to meet the goals of each client.

The need for team building activities is well documented. Would you like to build up your team's confidence?…of course you would! Is there a new skill your team must learn to stay on top or is the goal just to have fun with a goal in mind? We can help to increase group motivation through a platform built to last. Participants will draw from individual skills, experiences, and resources to successfully turn a challenge into an opportunity.

Is this your first time in charge of a team building event? Need help with the first step? Don’t wait. Give us a call! Our staff will work with you until we find the best team building activity for your group.

  • Design, Build, and Play – This activity is an interactive team building idea that provides friendly competition along with a chance to give back to the community. Each team is given the same assorted material, variety of foods, and supplies to construct a mini golf hole. Expect the unexpected with challenges throughout the event which allow all teams the ability to showcase their creative spirit. Within each team, part will design and build the hole while others will formulate a plan to market and sale. With the completion of each hole, a mini golf course is formed and enjoyed by all! Points are given throughout based on many factors and top teams are awarded prizes. To finish off the event, all food and paper products are be donated (in the client’s name) to a charity or food bank.

  • The Olympic Challenge – This is one of the more sought after team building ideas requiring a higher level of physical participation. Clients choose from a wide variety of interactive activities and inflatables. The event site is marked with flags and signage for each gaming station. Participants are put into teams and a team captain is chosen. The teams move through each station based on a pre-determined schedule. Each team will rotate through each station while competing against a different team each time. The two teams compete head to head at each station for high points. After all of the teams have worked their way through each station, all the teams come together (still as a team) and compete as one large group in a final group challenge. Points are given through the event various reasons (ex: sportsmanship, safety, creativity). All points are combined and prizes (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place medals) are given at the awards ceremony.

    Still looking for more ideas? Call us at (770) 420-0624 or search the web for more…

  • The Recipe for Success Culinary Challenge – This activity has multiple options. We work with Chef Jamie; a USA Olympic Gold Medal Winner. Chef Jamie will work side by side with the facility for food and prep items. Here is a brief description of the timeline.

    Held before the meal you will serve to your guests, Chef Jamie will work with the chef at the facility to prepare the items for your meal. The menu is broken down into segments like salad, soup and sandwich, entrée, and dessert. Each segment is set at a table. You can do different tables of the same segment depending on the menu and the number of teams. Teams are each given one segment to complete.

    Each segment comes with supplies and a set of directions. There is also a supply corner where teams can earn additional ingredients or items for presentation. Each team works together to complete the segment at the table they are assigned. They must present their completed dishes to the judges to be scored on time management, following direction, presentation…. (Due to food prep and safety regs the food is not eaten.) Medals are given to the winning teams.

    There are the same number of stations as there are teams. Each station is set on a table around the room. Each team will start at a table, complete the task at the table, and then move as a group to the next table/task. The tables have a variety of different tasks like napkin folding, setting a proper table, food prep. At the end of the event all the teams would have visited all of the tables and completed all the tasks for judging.

  • The Sports Challenge – This is a great way to play, compete, and socialize. Depending on space, budget, and number of guests, this challenge is often played in two ways. Both formats are great.

    First, participants are put into teams. The room is set with different stations (or games). The teams rotate through the different stations competing against each other (two teams at each station per rotation). Points are awarded to the winning team by the game officials at each station. After all of the teams have rotated through each station, all teams come together (still as teams) and compete as a large group in a few more group challenges. Points are also given throughout the event various reasons (ex: sportsmanship, safety, creativity). All points are combined and prizes (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place medals) are given at the awards ceremony.

    Second, participants are again put into teams and team captains chosen. A variety of games are set up throughout the room. Teams are allowed to disperse and members play the games they want, when they want. The only rule is they must play the games against a member of an opposing team. Tickets are awarded to each winning player at each game. Team captains collect tickets from the members that have played and been awarded tickets throughout the event. The team with the most tickets helps determine the over all winner. Awards are given at a closing ceremony.

  • Ultimate Road Race – Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! The Ultimate Road Race is one of the most exciting and innovative team building ideas. We begin by putting the group into teams and separate pit areas. Each pit area has identical materials needed to build a vehicle to carry the team into the Winner’s Circle. The race area will offer many racing barriers, racing tires, and stripped tape to clearly identify the racing track and team pit areas. Teams will design, build and market their car. Then the race begins. Competition continues throughout the whole event with points being awarded on the basis of creativity, teamwork, enthusiasm, attention to detail and guidelines, race results, and team spirit. You don’t have to have the best time to win the Ultimate Road Race.