Electronic Spinning Wheel Arcade Game

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    Electronic Spinning Wheel Arcade Game

    Good luck!   Pick a number, pick a color, or pick odd or even.  Fun-Tastic Promotions offers some of the most unique and exciting carnival mid games imaginable. The electronic wheel is just one game that can be used as a mid-way carnival game with participants using tickets. Or the spinning wheel is a great compliment to a casino program betting with chips.  Bright, lighted and with digitial sound this game will draw a crowd of all ages. 

    As the electronic wheel spins ramdonly. The operator controls the spinning by a start/finsh button. The opertor is unable to predict or stop the spinning on any certain number, color, or odd and even. Place your bets

    As an event entertainment, Fun-Tastic Promotions will make your next event a memorable occasion.  Sure to be one of the best and most requested carnival or casino game available.  We also have another game called the Vault that operates on the same platform.  Try and open the vault as the lights spin around the surfacce until the operator press stop.  The vault offers a variety of different skills levels so the operator can adjust the game for either kids or adults.

    Call Fun-Tastic Promotions (770-420-0624 and learn more about of exciting inventory of event activities. You will not be disappointed in the selection available!