Seven Steps to a Successful Company Picnic

  • Seven Steps to a Successful Company Picnic

    Seven Steps to a Successful Company Picnic

    Do you have questions on how to plan a successful company picnic or Employee event? Planning the entire event requires many steps to organize such an event that will meet everyone’s expectations; but, you can do it all without breaking a sweat. If this is your first time in planning such an event, questions arise: Where will I get the entertainment for both the children and the adults, what kind of food can I serve, could I possibly present a theme in the picnic, and what will the guests think of the event? Planning the event does not need to feel like a challenge. There are some very simple steps you can take, and ultimately allow someone else to carry the strain of creating and producing an amazing event that everyone will enjoy. First things first…

    1. Plan Ahead– Number of Guests, Budget, Location, Date and Time, Atmosphere, Food, Entertainment.
    2. Make a List of Tasks– Who is to complete them, and by what time.
    3. Professional Coordinators / Planners– Save time and money with their experience and ability to handle all the negotiations.
    4. Check references– Making sure the coordinator can handle your expectations.
    5. Ask Questions to your Coordinator (Planner)– How many events have you produced, what kind, for how many.
    6. Review the Venue with your Coordinator / Planner- Before the event is to take place (parking, traffic flow within the picnic area, trash detail, seated areas).
    7. Have all agreed-upon detail written into the Contract.

    Start planning a couple of months ahead, if even a year before the event, especially for 25th, 50th, and 100th anniversary picnics. Make an agenda of things you would like to have at your company picnic. Do you want inflatable bounce houses, cotton candy or other concessions, or perhaps a dunk tank? Planning ahead makes sure you get the entertainment equipment, the location (local parks may require registration or the company property may need to be cleaned), the date that is convenient for the employees, upper management and their families. Planning ahead will most likely save the company money by booking early.

    Knowing the number of guest you wish to attend will help you decide all the variety of food and entertainment needed for the company picnic. Ask yourself these questions: will the event be for employees only, employees and immediate family only, employees and friends (aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends), does your company have employees that work in shifts and the company is working 365 days a year (how will everyone enjoy the picnic…having your company run 24/7 is not a problem, it will just need to be thought-out prior to the company picnic…maybe you take a meal to those working during the picnic…maybe those on shift can come during their lunch time or have 2 hours of play time during their shift).

    Having a company picnic on company grounds could let family members or locals see the work environment and history of the company with a tour of the plant. Figuring out who is coming to the event helps you tackle the types of entertainment and food items that will be most influential. What type of guest will attend the event: young children, teens, adults, grandparents?

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