Selecting a supplier for your next Event

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    Selecting a supplier for your next Event

    Why is selecting the RIGHT supplier important to your next event?

    It makes no difference what type of event product, service, or resource you are searching for one of the most puzzling questions most inexperienced event planners are confronted with is how do I select a supplier to host my event. You can spend endless hours on google and calling around to numerous prospective suppliers asking for a quote, you can ask friends/business associates, even the event facility who they have used. Or you can talk to Fun-Tastic Promotions.

    The event business is very fragmented, and pricing is a variable that can range from simple to ridiculous. You have some event companies that specialize in one specific area like inflatables or casino parties. Other times you will find companies that offer a broader variety of services in a number of event categories like casino parties, inflatables, team building, company picnics, game shows, and arcade game rentals.

    One of the biggest mistakes inexperienced event planners make is solely relying on Price! They fail to recognize that not all event entertainment companies are created alike, nor do they have the same capabilities and quality of assets as others. Another mistake is they assume that if they see something on a company’s website that they own that activity. Just because a company advertises a piece of equipment only means they may own it, or they know who does and can subcontract the piece out under someone else’s company name.

    While Price is important, it should not be the only criterion used when selecting a supplier. In the event business, it is difficult to see and touch the items the supplier is providing unless you have been to an event that they have previously hosted. Lower prices may reflect inferior quality in service, staff/dealers, and equipment. The lowest price is not always the best value for the money. You want reliability and quality in staff/dealers, equipment, and service.


    Other factors to consider include:

    • Does the supplier have liability and workman’s compensation insurance?
    • Is the supplier providing photos of the items included in their proposal?
    • Does the supplier return your messages and is the proposal provided in a timely manner?
    • Is the supplier communicating/updating you on a regular basis or do you have to call them often to see why your proposal has not arrived?
    • Has the supplier provided you with the credibility they know what they are talking about and offer suggestions or provided options for you to consider in their proposal?
    • Do they provide a list of references you can call to validate their quality and reliability?
    • How long have they been in business? Do they have a business license?
    • Do they own all the items included in their proposal – no subcontracted items?
    • Do they have a physical office that you can visit to inspect their equipment?
    • Does the staff/dealers when it comes to a casino program work 100% for their company or other casino companies as well?
    • Is the person you are discussing the event with going to be on-site day of the event?

    One last note,  trust, and reputation are two crucial factors. You do not want to select a supplier based on the lowest price and be embarrassed in front of your boss or customers because their equipment is old and nasty. The event will be remembered let us hope for the right reasons!

    Fun-Tastic Promotions has been providing event entertainment programs to corporate, social, colleges/universities within the Southeast for over 25 years. We have the quality and experience clients have enjoyed while we host Casino Programs, Arcade Game Rentals, Team Building Events, Company Family Day Picnics, Game shows, Carnivals and Interactive Rides, and Inflatables. Call our representatives today (770- 420-0624) and let us help you with the planning and details of your next event. You will not be disappointed!