Racing Themed Events

  • Racing Themed Events

    Racing Themed Events

    Rev Up Your Event with Racing Themed Fun!

    Go Fast, Turn Left – NASCAR is here!

    Why settle for just lazy Sunday afternoons watching cars go round and round? Be part of the action with a racing themed event!

    Fun-Tastic Promotions offers multiple racing themed activities to turn your next event into an exciting time with friendly competition. The FUN starts here. Visit our website at to check out pictures, descriptions, and videos of our interactive arcade style racing games, simulators, and team building activities.


    • Experience the thrill of a NASCAR pit stop with our Pit Crew Challenge. The teams can consist of up to seven individuals, two on each tire, one on the jack, one fuel person, & one driver. The timer starts as the team members race towards their positions from behind foam barriers. The clock is ticking as the jack man lifts the car and each team of tire changers remove and replace tires. Before the timer stops, the gasman must fill the fuel tank (with water) and the jack man must lower the car. Be quick…the fastest adult team wins.

    • The NASCAR Seat Simulators offer a full motion base racing themed experience. The platform reacts to the steering wheel movement made by the driver. Each event can pre-select their favorite racetrack, driver, and whether to drive a full race, partial race, or time trails. Spectators enjoy following the driver by watching on a 36” flat screen TV connected to the simulator.

    • Four participants will steer their NASCAR replica stock cars on the 16’ wide and 24’ long banked, oval track from behind individual driving consoles. The participants must apply their skill in both forward and reverse in order to maneuver through crashes and spin outs to become the champion of Micro Reality Stock Car Racing. With the ability to customize our cars (for an additional fee) to fit your racing theme, micro-reality stock car racing is a wonderful addition to any event.

    • Take your racing off the track with a variety of arcade style racing games. The ATV Off Road Racing Games allows participants to race 4-wheelers in multiple different settings. Try racing a water course with high powered boats in Hydro Thunder. Race through tight curves on the streets of San Francisco in Rush the Rock. Head back to the track with an old classic, Daytona Racers. Multiple units are available for each game. Link them together for head to head racing competition.

    • Complete your package with racing themed décor. Actual racing hoods in multiple colors can be customized and hung from a stand with a base made from racing tires. It is a great visual in any room. Recognize your sponsors by draping sponsor banners over our high density foam barriers. Or use the barriers and racing tires to outline a track.

    • The Ultimate Road Race is one of the most exciting and innovative team-building concepts in the industry. Participants are divided into teams, each with a pit area pre-set with all the materials needed to build a vehicle to carry them through to the Winner’s Circle. Teams will build a car, then market and race their car. This is a high energy teambuilding event that’s designed for everyone on the team to participate.

    Fun-Tastic Promotions is a leading resource for social and corporate events. Our website,, will provide additional information on a variety of events and a complete listing of activities. Please call one of our representatives at 770-420-0624 and let us add entertainment value to your next event. Racing themed events are just one of many options available.