Phantom's Revenge Pirate Ship

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    Phantom's Revenge Pirate Ship

    Looking for a classic carnival ride for your event? Fun-Tastic Promotions introduces the Phantom’s Revenge Pirate Ship!

    Fun-Tastic Promotions is a leading event entertainment company with over 27 year's experience supporting social, corporate, college/university, non-profit, and vacation bible camps throughout the Southeast. 

    The Phantoms’ Revenge Pirate Ship is a mobile carnival ride that offers seats for 12 participants at a time with a total put through of approximately 150-200 participants per hour. Phantom’s Revenge glides up and down day or night. It is well-lit with an array of LED lights that change color and make the pirate ship visible from a distance. The ride is 18 feet deep, 20 feet wide, and 18 feet tall. 

    Call Fun-Tastic Promotions (770) 420-0624 to learn more about availability and to secure your event date!   Ask our experienced representatives to learn more about other carnival-oriented activities like our 100 Glass Bottle Ring Toss, Build A Bear Stuffing Animals, or our Bounce a Ball Slam Dunk Game. Your carnival events will never be the same when you have Fun-Tastic Promotions provide the fun and excitement!