Out of this World Event” – Laser Tag Space Edition

  • Out of this World Event” – Laser Tag Space Edition

    Out of this World Event” – Laser Tag Space Edition

    Embark on an Interstellar Adventure with “Out of this World Event” – Laser Tag Space Edition!

    Welcome aboard to the next generation of inflatable laser tag gaming! You and your team have a vital mission – seek out and destroy a group of alien warriors that are attempting to capture the critical secrets of our planet!

    Your team will be equipped with the most accurate laser tag technology available. Our handheld laser guns are fast shooting, reliable and safe! For each players care, every laser gun is armed with a durable rubber nose cone. Our handheld Class 1 guns are lightweight with an easy to use trigger enabling you and your team to move quickly while still allowing you to make precise shots!

    Our laser tag inflatable aircraft is fortified with some of the most advanced features for an out of this world experience! Black lights will illuminate your pathway throughout the shuttle while dense fog and pumping music will distract the enemy. The inflatable shuttle measures over 45ft wide, 55ft long and 14ft tall, providing almost 2,500 square feet of combat play area.

    Fun-Tastic Promotions has over 17 years experience in supporting social and corporate events throughout the country! From themed events to University programs to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, we deliver exceptional quality from start to finish. So go on,  book your space mission today!