Mobile Zip Line

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    Mobile Zip Line

    Let’s be honest, everyone wants to fly. Sun shining in your face, wind blowing through your hair, hundreds of feet above ground… sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon! Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out how to make people fly, but with our mobile zip line, we’ve got a way to make you feel like you are – even if only for a few moments.

    Taking a vacation to zip through a tropical rainforest has become wildly popular over the past several years. While we can’t provide the forest, we can provide the fun! That’s why our mobile zip line is easily one of our most popular attractions. It’s safe, fun, and unique; we guarantee that it will make your guests say, “Wow!”

    Our trained staff members are always there to make sure the mobile zip line is very safe. When riding the zip line, you are harnessed by a staff member on the ground, then climb the steps to be inspected and secured on the wire by another staff member, then zip down the line to the landing zone, where you are met by yet another staff member to help you detach!

    The zip line is almost 30 feet tall, and the riding length is over 100 feet long!

    The only requirement to ride is having a minimum weight of 70lbs and a maximum weight of 250lbs… for that reason, the mobile zip line is usually best for adults; it is always a hit for church, high school, college, and corporate events!

    If you are interested in booking the mobile zip line for your next event, please call Fun-Tastic Promotions at (770) 420-0624, or feel free to send any inquiries by email to!