Mechanical Bull/Shark

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    Mechanical Bull/Shark

    Looking for a unqiue activity for your next event?  Fun-Tastic Promotions is a leading event entertainment company that has been providing social, corporate, non-profit fund raising, colleges, universities, and schools with exciting event options for over 26 years within the Southeast.

    One of the most exciting activity as a participant as well as an onlooker is our mechanical bull/shark. Two different themes with the same basic movements that are controlled by our experience staff/operator.  Both activities are safe and come mounted on an inflatable - the bull is mounted in the middle of a western corral and the shark is mounted on inflatable designed with a ocean backdrop.

    The operator controls every aspect of the speed and movement of each themed activity. Both the mechanical bull and shark have the same movements forward, up and down, and round.  Experience is not necessary to ride either activity the operator will ensure that each individual is able to handle the speed and movement.  At Fun-Tastic Promotions safety is paramount to us and we use caution with each individual no exceptions.

    Call (770) 420-0624, one of our experienced representatives will be glad to answer any questions you may have on the avvailability and features of our mechanical bull/shark.