How to Avoid a Poorly Executed Team Building Event

  • How to Avoid a Poorly Executed Team Building Event

    Ensuring Success: How to Avoid a Poorly Executed Team Building Event

    Many people question the effectiveness of team building events, but when executed properly, they can offer great learning experiences and help to build a strong and dynamic team. Team building events can be tailored to help resolve specific conflicts or challenges within your team or department. Many companies have used team-building events as a means to help create relationships, build culture during growth periods and increase morale amid human resource issues such as layoffs.

    One key factor in creating a successful team building event is to discuss and plan with other team members. This will ensure that you are planning an event that will be fun for everyone involved. This will also help to increase interest for the event during the planning phases. Allow your team to be creative and fun with each other and with the team. This will help bring the introverts out of their shell and communicate with the entire team.

    Find activities that bring out the best in people; not the worst. As a manager, you know your team the best, and it’s important to create an event that will enhance every one’s strengths.

    If at all possible, avoid passive social interactions. At a company dinner, incorporate entertainment and team building by adding a variety of interactive entertainers, casino tables or add a sports arcade room that will provide a great networking environment. This will get your team up, moving around and socializing at an event that would otherwise be plain and simple.

    Last but not least, be cautious of events that require physical activity. Some team members are more physically fit than others and you don’t want to put anyone into a situation that they are uncomfortable in.

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