Fun-Tastic Promotions Adds Pac-Man Battle Royale Arcade Game to Collection

  • Fun-Tastic Promotions Adds Pac-Man Battle Royale Arcade Game to Collection

    Take a normal Pac-Man game from the 80’s, super-size it, and you have Pac-Man Battle Royale.  Pac-Man Battle Royale is the first four player competitive Pac-Man arcade game. Eliminate you’re your opponents by eating them, and the last Pac-Man standing wins the round.  When players eat a power pellet, they power-up by doubling in size and increasing in speed. Once powered up, they are now able to eat non powered-up blue players and ghosts.

    Players of the same size simply bounce off each other. Players can also be eliminated by running into ghosts if there aren’t any powered-up players.  Eating a piece of fruit or all of the pellets resets the maze with a fresh new set of power pellets.  At the end of the game, statistics are displayed for each player such as “Won Most Rounds”, “Ate Most Pac-Man”, etc.

    The game stands over 7 feet tall and 3.5 feet wide with a depth of almost 5 feet.  Pac-Man Battle Royale is a one-of-a kind colorfully lit LED arcade game with a large plasma monitor that is exciting, challenging, and competitive. This game allows a great thorough put of players and is suitable for any age group and sized event.  Pac-Man Battle Royale is addictive and will attract much attention from participants and by-standers alike, especially in a trade show booth.  You will definitely see increased traffic and thoroughly enjoy the entertainment value of the game. It will make a significant difference at your next event.

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