Arcade Game Room Events and Rentals

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    Arcade Game Room Events and Rentals

    Need an adrenaline rush? Do you like playing games? Would you love to have endless fun?

    Arcade Game Room Events and Rentals.

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to check out our new arcade game room event. We never compare ourselves to others …. because the others are not quite like us! Let Fun-Tastic Promotions host your next arcade game room event! Without any questions Fun-Tastic Promotions leads the specials event entertainment industry within the Southeast with one of the largest and most exciting state-of-art inventories of arcade game rentals.

    Golden Tee Golf 2017

    Viewed on a 65” HD Plasma Monitor. New Course from around the globe and unbelievable graphics!

    Home Stretch Horse Racing

    Head to Head completion for two makes it the finish line first. An exciting game for any skill level.

    The Vault

    Speed, timing and hand eye-coordination tested at its best! How long will it take you to open the vault?

    RAW Thrills Super Cars (Linkable)

    Challenge your skills along 27 record breaking tracks from all over the world to create the ultimate arcade street racing experience. Participants along with bystanders will enjoy the racing scenery while watching the racing on a 42” HD LED graphic plasma monitor.

    RAW Thrills Sno-Mobile Racers (Linkable)

    Finally be part of the Winter X Games! Sno-Cross has 6 snowmobile racers, 6 killer sleds, and insane custom upgrades. Huge airtime gives you even more time to try crazy tricks as seen in the X Games. Throw Snowballs at your opponents to battle for the lead. All watched on a 42” HD LCD Plasma monitors.

    RAW Thrills Super Motorcycle Racers (Linkable)

    Super Motorcycles is now in HI-Def! With a 42” LCD and 10 never-before seen tracks, all new light shows, and tons of electrifying effects. If you are into motorcycle racing. Super Bikes 2 will blow your mind! Race against so many unique and exotic locations and scenes from jungles, snow covered mountaintops, to jumping through flaming hoops in Las Vegas.

    Big Buck Hunter HD Wild

    America`s favorite hunting simulator with unprecedented shooting realism view on a 70” HD Plasma Monitor. Big Buck HD Wild transports you to the prehistoric land of the Irish Elk. Also featured are the three brand new bonus games Wild West, Cockroaches, Volcano.

    Eight player Really Cool LED Lite Foosball Table

    Think foosball could not get any more exciting! Well try competing with 8 players on a table that is 8.5 feet long. Did I mention, while playing with four balls at the same time.

    Baseball Pro Challenge

    Realistic baseball action with unique skills challenge! Moving Home Run Target- Hit the Pitch watch the base runner advance and score as you hit or miss single, double, or triple targets. You get three outs to score as many runs against the opposing team. Awesome skill game with mechanic pitcher with miniature baseball bat interface.

    1980’s Multicade Arcade Game

    Vintage 80’s arcade with new state-of-art graphic improvements and cabinetry. All the favorites from the 80`s; Frogger, Qbert, Pac Man, Gallaga, Donkey Kong and many more. Now 60 of the most popular games from the 80’s are contained in a single arcade platform.


    We have extended the boundaries of Fun & Excitement!


    Fun-Tastic Promotions is a leading resource for social and corporate entertainment within the Southeast and beyond. Call one of our representatives today at

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