2022 Golden Tee Golf

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    2022 Golden Tee Golf

    Introducing the 2022 Golden Tee Golf, the newest and most updated Golden Tee Golf edition!

    Fun-Tastic Promotions is a leading event entertainment company with over 27 year's experience supporting social, corporate, college/university, non-profit, and vacation bible camps throughout the Southeast. 

    This updated version of the fan-favorite game features brand-new gold courses, including remastered classics, and awesome graphics. 2022 Golden Tee Golf is sure to be a hit at your event with challenges for every level of player. 

    Call Fun-Tastic Promotions (770) 420-0624 to learn more about availability and to secure your event date!  Ask our experienced representatives to learn more about other arcade-oriented activities like our Air Hockey, 8-Player LED Foosball Table, or our Arcade Collection. Your events will never be the same when you have Fun-Tastic Promotions provide the fun and excitement!