100 Glass Bottle Ring Toss

  • 100 Glass Bottle Ring Toss

    100 Glass Bottle Ring Toss

    Experience Classic Fun with 100 Glass Bottle Ring Toss!

    How many rings can you land? With the 100 Glass Bottle Ring Toss, your carnival event is sure to be a hit! 

    Fun-Tastic Promotions is a leading event entertainment company with over 27 year's experience supporting social, corporate, college/university, non-profit, and vacation bible camps throughout the Southeast. 

    The 100 Glass Bottle Ring Toss is a classic carnival game that delights people of all ages. An all-time favorite, this carnival game is challenging for any age group. Players toss red rings in an attempt to land the ring over any of the 100 glass bottles displayed.  

    Call Fun-Tastic Promotions (770) 420-0624 to learn more about availability and to secure your event date!  Ask our experienced representatives to learn more about other carnival-oriented activities like our Phantom’s Revenge Pirate Ship, Build A Bear Stuffing Animals, or our Bounce a Ball Slam Dunk Game. Your carnival events will never be the same when you have Fun-Tastic Promotions provide the fun and excitement!